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Starter Plan Features

  • No-Code Visual Query Builder
  • Use Excel to Transform Data for AI and GPT
  • File and Database Connectors
  • GPT and Machine Learning Components
  • Data Cleansing, De-Dupe, and Standardization
  • Cross-Source Joins
  • Kickoff Form Builder
  • Fuzzy Joins
  • Up to 1 Million Records per Processing Step

Visual Query Builder

No-Code platforms have revolutionized the way we approach technology.  Our visual drag-and-drop query builder is a good example. Instead of delving deep into lines of SQL code, this intuitive tool allows you to visually select and organize data sources, streamlining the process of defining where data comes from and where it should go, whether that's for deletions, updates, or insertions. Its easy. And once you get it, you get it!

Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with relational database, SQL or queries.  We'll teach you through our video instruction series.

Excel Formula Transforms

The Realflow product features a unique component that leverages intuitive Excel formulas for data transformation. Unlike most iPaaS platforms, there is no scripting language built-in.  Instead, we implemented a complete Excel engine that can operate on any data sent into the component.  This allows you to easily manipulate and transform data using familiar Excel syntax, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Anyone who knows Excel, knows how to build transforms for Realflow.

Data Cleansing Features

Name Parser: Input is a name in a single field.  Complex order recognition such as First Name then Last Name; Last Name, First Name; Chicago Manual of StyleAPA FormatIEEE Style, and MLA CitationName Parser has an internal database of over a 100,000 last names to determine the order.  When multiple first names are encountered, U.S. Census numbers are used for weighting.  Gender detection.  Age/Generation estimation based on common distributions of first names in history.
Address Parser/Standardizer: Standardize an address using USPS guidelines (not certified for mail bulk discounts). Crow-fly distance between two zip codes.
Email Validation:
Detect if an email is valid, the 'quality' of the email ( vs., deliverability estimate, gray listing, blacklisted status.
IP Address to Zip Code: Convert IP address to a zip code estimation.
Zip Code to Census Tract Average Income: Convert zip code to the Census report average income for that zip code.  A proxy for income.
User Agent String Parser: Identify Bots, Touch Devices, Phone model, age, original cost (another income proxy).

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