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CRM Plan Features

  • Scheduler & Survey Builder: Plan tasks and create surveys.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Models: Import custom PMML/ONNX models.
  • Multiple CRM Sources: Including Salesforce, ServiceNow.
  • Sales & Marketing Cloud: SF Marketing Cloud support.
  • E-commerce Sources: BigCommerce, Magento, Zuora
  • Up to 4 Million Records per Processing Step


Automated Workflow Management: The job scheduler allows for the automatic execution of tasks based on predefined schedules or triggers. This ensures that integration processes run seamlessly without manual intervention, optimizing the flow of data between different systems and applications.

Resource Optimization: By scheduling jobs during off-peak hours or allocating resources based on priority, the platform can maximize the utilization of available resources, reduce system overloads, and ensure timely completion of critical tasks.

Enhanced Monitoring and Error Handling: Job scheduler comes with monitoring capabilities that provide real-time insights into job statuses, failures, and performance metrics. In case of errors, the scheduler can be configured to send alerts, retry the job, or execute corrective actions, ensuring high availability and reliability of integration processes.

Survey Builder

Unlock the power of insights with our survey builder, seamlessly integrated into our platform. Dive deep into your customer's psyche, gather invaluable feedback, and tailor your customer journey strategies. Our intuitive design tools make crafting surveys a breeze, while the product allows you to automatically send the survey based on their path in the journey, with the survey results automatically triggering a processing pathway, revealing customer sentiment. For the first time in a survey engine, tailor the text of the question based on any customer attributes your choose, including the results of the customer's most recent interactions with you.  Once completed, open text answers can be analyzed with GPT to detect sentiment and meaning, which can additionally be sent through an ML model with the resulting classifications directing the user to new retention or special offer initiatives. Whether you're looking to enhance customer retention or engagement, boost sales, or simply understand your audience better, our survey builder is the key to unlocking meaning from your customer interactions.


Build your own machine learning models in the tool of your choice. Export the model as an ONNX or PMML file. Then import them into Realflow and execute them in a pathway. Productionalize your models along with all the great data source, transformation and destination processing components we offer.

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